Applicant/ Participant may request to be terminated if he/she is no longer interested to participate in this Programme. Termination can occur either before or after the endorsement of the MM2H Social Visit Pass.

  1. Applicant/ Participant MUST prepare all the required documents as listed in the Step 1: Termination Checklist.
  2. Applicant/ Participant/ MM2H Licensed Agent MUST submit the documents at the MM2H Centre through the counters or by courier (direct application only).
    -Submission by e-mail is NOT allowed.
  3. MM2H Centre will process the application in 3 working days from the received date provided that the documents are complete.
  4. Upon approval, applicant/ participant/ MM2H Licensed Agent MUST collect the Authorization Letter (for withdrawal of Fixed Deposit) or Approval Stamp (for cancellation in the Immigration System) from the MM2H Centre counters.
  5. Applicant/ Participant/ MM2H Licensed Agent MUST bring the required documents as listed in the Step 2: Termination Checklist to the MM2H Immigration Unit (Level 10) for cancellation of MM2H Social Visit Pass in the Immigration System.
  6. MM2H Immigration Unit will process the application in 1 working day.
  7. For withdrawal of remaining Fixed Deposit from respective banks, participant must bring the required document as listed in the Step 3: Termination Checklist.

  1. Participant MUST enter Malaysia through any International Entry Points to complete the termination procedure. In addition, if participant is from country that is eligible for e-Visa, please do NOT use that method for entering Malaysia.
  2. Upon termination, participant is allowed to claim for a refund on the Security Bond placed during the initial endorsement. Procedures are as followed:
    1. Guidelines for Security Bond refund
    2. Form for Security Bond refund
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